Thursday, September 28, 2006

Baseball Tonight (& Tomorrow, etc.)

Ok, the following news is, from what I understand, only semi-official, and may not be the final word on the subject, but that has never stopped this blog from reporting anything as an absolute truth, so... here goes:

The Los Angeles Dodgers (yay) have ended their Class A affiliation with Vero Beach and will move their Class A affiliate (back) to ... San Bernardino!!

Actually, that is only partially correct, as after they left last time, the San Bernardino Stampede became the Inland Empire 66'ers.

This is almost totally a good thing. First off, as much as I love the Vero Beach Dodgers, this will make all of the swag I have from that team instantly limited memorabilia. Second, the Dodgers need to get a A-ball club locally again. The Padres have Rancho Cucamonga, the Angels have Lake Elsinore (yay.... oops, formerly yay), and the closest the Dodgers had was AAA ball in Las Vegas. This will be good for the team and, most importantly, good for me, because the Angels suck the life out of baseball, and it was killing me to root for Lake Elsinore.

As for the 66'ers, well, you can read this post if you didn't hear about our last experience there, but I think this will drag me out to a few more games. Also, we will probably get more local rehabbing assignments for the Dodgers this way (I still remember seeing Orel Hershiser's last Win ever when the Stampede, with Hersh starting, beat the Quakes at the Epicenter).

As for the current season, expect NOTHING out of me regarding what is or isn't happening in the NL West or NL Wildcard races until it either does or doesn't happen. Got that?

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