Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Homeschoolin' by the Pool

We just love this weather!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Santa Rosa Plateau and a Unicorn

We finally made it out to the Santa Rosa Plateau! Gee, it only took us 10 months to finally get there! The visitors center was full of education about the plateau - right down to how to recognize the different wild animal poop! There was quite a bit to do there, actually, and I think, as a homeschooling mom, Ashley learned more from the visitors center than I anticipated.

After awhile, we went on a two mile hike. It was 65 degrees and a little windy. It wouldn't have been too bad if we brought our jackets! So, to warm up, we ran - a lot. My muscles are going to be sore tomorrow! Ashley was awesome on our hike. I thought she would get tired eventually and that I would end up carrying her the rest of the way, but she didn't. She kept going the whole way!

After we got back to the van, Ashley wanted to go to the Children's Museum. She wanted to check on how the chicks were doing, see everybody because she (and Derek & I, too) were missing them after being gone for a week, and to buy a very special unicorn that she saved her allowance for. The unicorn was sitting in the window when we got there, almost looking for Ashley to come back, as promised, to buy it. She is so happy tonight about how she found the unicorn and that she earned it by saving her money. Experiences like this really pull on my heartstrings!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Casino Morongo

We started off this evening at San Manuel Indian Casino. When we parked, the security guy told us that no one under the age of 21 was allowed inside, even to go to the buffet. Since we, of course, had Ashley we got back in the car.

We then decided to go to Casino Morongo for their buffet. It was pretty good, especially the freakishly good baked tomato with garlic and herbs. The dessert bar was sinfully enormous and we took full advantage of it. I made a bowl with apple cobbler topped with Schwan's vanilla ice cream, hot carmel sauce, and crushed Butterfinger with creme brulee on the side. Derek gave me a bite of his warm bread pudding with Schwan's vanilla ice cream and, let me tell you, it was too good! Remember that cafeteria scene from the movie "When Harry Met Sally"? Well, I suddenly did and Derek's face got just as red as Billy Crystal's! (Just kidding...I didn't make THAT much of a scene...) I swear, the next time we go out to eat like that, I'm going to wear a tent!

Do you want to hear something else that is cool? This whole week has only cost us out of pocket $6.00. $4.00 was for parking at Laguna and $2.00 went into a slot machine. WOW!! We're getting good at frugal living!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


We spent a gorgeous afternoon climbing around the tidepools at Laguna Beach today!

Our First Helium Balloon Ride

We just went for our first helium balloon ride! The Orange County Great Park, on the old El Toro Marine Base property, gives FREE balloon Flights every Thursday - Sunday. The weather today was perfect and beautiful. The view was fantastic and exhilarating!

We're now heading to Laguna Beach to go exploring! Yay! We just love taking advantage of beautiful weather!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ashley's First Hole-In-One!

We finished with homework early today, so we decided to go miniature golfing. The weather is perfect and the day is wonderful! To add to it, Ashley got her first hole-in-one all by herself!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Best Buffet in So. Cal.

We just had the BEST experience at a buffet ever! It is at Pala Casino and, OMFG, food does not get any better than this. The quality, the variety, and the price is absolutely amazing! Check out this picture of Derek's prime rib! Derek ate this plus two more plates and dessert. Ashley ate so much that she can't even look at food! They have everything here that only very high-end restaurants have, and it's an endless buffet! The dessert bar alone made our knees buckle. They have the best cheesecakes, creme brulee, and chocolate fondue fountain that makes the Disneyland Holiday buffet look almost amateurish. For only $13.99, it's a bargain!