Sunday, October 08, 2006

No Pony for You

Well, that's it. The Dodgers' season is over, after collapsing with a spectacular whimper against the Mets tonight. I watched the last half of the game on TV, which means I didn't even get to hear Vin call the ending. Wahhhhhh.

Ok, Dodgers, we need to talk about a couple of things:

First, I thought the team came out about where they should have this year, maybe one or two games better. I really didn't expect the playoffs, but once we were there, I would have liked to, you know, win a game or something. But, at least we got something. I think. The wildcard is something, right? It says to the world, "Look! We suck less than the rest of the losers! Woo Hoo!!"

Second, this Maddux thing is starting to grate on me a bit. Yes, he was a great pitcher. Yes, he's still pretty good. No, I don't trust him. No, you can't depend on him. I don't mind that Maddux goes out there and throws the ball right down the pipe, daring the batter to hit it. It works for him, and that is great. But, this 70-pitch limit has got to go. There is no way we can take Maddux into next season (if he is still playing, that is) knowing that he can only make 70 pitches before he is "mentally exhausted." Mentally Exhausted?!? Screw You! Maybe you're in the wrong game. Jesus Christ -- get out there and throw the damn ball!! Basically, each time Maddux starts, the Dodgers know they will be looking at a minimum three pitcher game, maybe more. I don't see that as acceptable.

Third, Goddammit McCarver, WE ALL KNOW THAT THE DODGERS TRADED LODUCA A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO. SHUT UP ABOUT IT!! Is it really necessary that every single time we see LoDuca, Tim Mcarver has to say something along the lines of "You know, the Dodgers made a very controversial trade concerning LoDuca, one that will probably never be forgotten." Trade, got it. Move on. Baseball: trades happen. Wow -- you mean LoDuca was on the other team? What a surprise! What were the odds?? Incredible.

Fourth, and this is to all teams clinching an LDS: drop the champaigne celebrations. It looks ridiculous. If you win a LDS, you really haven't won anything other than the right to play for the pennant. You haven't won a division -- that was already settled. You haven't won a pennant -- that's not here yet. All you have done was stay alive to play another series. You want a party? Win the LCS.

There will be more. I still say it was a good season, and I will be back on Feb. 14 next year (traditional 'Pitchers & Catchers Report' day) to start it all over again. After I tape my heart back together, that is.

Go Tigers! (What the hell, right?)

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mrgumby2u said...

One of the problems when your team makes it to the playoffs is when they get eliminated you're stuck with that feeling of "that's it?" When they don't make it you know when the season is going to end and you prepare yourself for it, but once they're in, even when playing bad, some little piece of your fan mind expects them to somehow pull it off and they'll keep playing (after all, they made it to the playoffs, right?). But then, they get eliminated and you're just not prepared for it and you're not ready to shift gears to rooting for your back-up team, who may well have been eliminated by then, too, anyway.

As for McCarver, he says everything over and over, and in the most annoying way possible. I have to turn the sound off when he's doing games.