Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Where We Are Now

I have no idea...

Seriously, this blog got way too serious, way too heavy-handed there for a while. The last thing I want to do is come on here and write about politics every day. So, in the future, IF this blog continues, we are going to change the tone. Will the tone change? No. Why did we ever think the tone would change? Whoops -- goddammit, there I go again. NO MORE POLITICAL JUNKI-NESS. I'm even out-geeking the geeks I know with this stuff.

Let's talk about something else. How about Michael Richards. I assume that you all have heard about his tirade, and hopefully have seen the video. But I am not here to give value judgements on him or what he said. I just wanted to say: by coincidence, that annoying guy from Seinfeld, the one who played 'Jerry', was booked to be on Letterman tonight. During his appearance, they interviewed Michael Richards on satellite (ooooooh! Satellite!!) from L.A., and let him have a nervous breakdown on the show while that Jerry guy sat in judgement, and the audience giggled and squirmed. WOW! Now THAT was some uncomfortable television!!

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Anonymous said...

I overheard some black people talking about the Michael Richards debacle while I was working today.What I gathered is that Richards' apology is even more offensive than the stuff he said in the first place. You just don't say a bunch of hateful racist crap, and repeat it again and again, and then act like you are not racist. Nobody is going to believe that. I have no doubt that his career is over now, not just "hasn't had a notable acting job in years" over.