Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Getting to know our new neighborhood

Yesterday we went to the Temecula Duck Park. Now, I don't know what was in that lake besides water, but there were some weird looking ducks. I took a picture of a duck that had a poofy coiffe on top of its head and a curly-q tail. We named him the Jose Eber duck. Then we saw a duck that looked like it was a cross between a penguin and a duck. Very strange. We named this one Pingu. There were lots of pretty white ducks and mallards that our dog, Katie, chased all over the place, too. Poor ducks!

Here are some more pictures of the ducks:

And one ticked-off bird!

Today we went to see a magic show at a library in Wildomar. There must have been a couple hundred people there and we couldn't get in. So instead, we signed Ashley up for a summer reading program. She has to read three books a week and she gets a prize each time.

There's not much more going on until Thursday night when mommy has a Daisy Scout meeting.

Then, on Friday, the Daisy Scouts are going to be in a Fourth of July Parade in Corona. Yeah!! We are really looking forward to that. In the afternoon, we're going to a park in Temecula for Fourth of July events and fireworks. As it turns out, Temecula is a favorite vacation spot for the Fourth!

Saturday is going to be fun, too. We're going blueberry picking at 8:00 (or around that time). Then, at 6:15, we're going to Longshadow Ranch for Bonfire Saturday Night. They'll be having live music, BBQ (nominal fee), horse-drawn carriage rides, wine, and kids movies in the barn. Best of all, it's free! They do this every Saturday night, so we're really excited about that.

Another thing they do in Old Town for free is Thursday Night Market Place. Every Thursday night there's family fun, Old Town merchants and area produce growers, artisans, and food vendors. We're planning on going to that, too.

I swear, I have lived in So Cal my whole life and didn't know how much went on here in this city. Living here feels like living on a vacation. There is so much to do! We live about a mile from Old Town and within walking distance of just about anything you can think of! Before we moved here, I was not happy about living in a hotel, even temporarily. But, this place is nice and we're having a blast! I actually feel like we are taking a summer vacation in Wine Country! Isn't that cool?

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