Friday, September 19, 2008

Now Leaving...Temecula...

This is Bonnie and I've been putting a lot of thought into writing this post. We're moving out of the wonderful city of Temecula and moving forward back to Corona. It is because of all the amazing experiences that we've had in Temecula that we are moving forward with more energy, more hope, more enthusiasm, and a renewed appreciation for life as we know it.

Living in Temecula has been an enlightening experience. When we first moved here, it was with a heavy heart. We not only moved out of a city that we've lived in for 10 years, but we moved away from our lifestyle. Changes were happening at a fast pace; some of them necessary, some of them welcome, and some of them not. Within the first week of living here, however, a whole new world opened up, kind of like a new flower blooming. There were so many things to do, new experiences waiting for us every time the sun rose in the sky, new people to meet, and entire city welcoming us with open arms.

This was the best summer that we have ever had and our experiences here will be held as treasured memories for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much to the City of Temecula, the Children's Science Center in Old Town, to Dynamite Dave for all the entertainment and the most amazing balloon art we've ever seen, to all the families we've met along the way, to all the merchants we got to know personally in Old Town and around the city, to the Parks and Recreation Dept. for all the amazing summer nights at the movies and concert series and family nights, and to Extended Stay America for all their kindness and hospitality. There are so many more people that I'd like to thank and if I didn't mention you, then just know that you will always have a special place in our hearts.

We will be visiting during the holidays and we're looking forward to saying hello again soon. Our lives have forever changed for the better by being here and we will always love this place. Thank you so much, we love you!

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