Sunday, March 29, 2009

Santa Rosa Plateau and a Unicorn

We finally made it out to the Santa Rosa Plateau! Gee, it only took us 10 months to finally get there! The visitors center was full of education about the plateau - right down to how to recognize the different wild animal poop! There was quite a bit to do there, actually, and I think, as a homeschooling mom, Ashley learned more from the visitors center than I anticipated.

After awhile, we went on a two mile hike. It was 65 degrees and a little windy. It wouldn't have been too bad if we brought our jackets! So, to warm up, we ran - a lot. My muscles are going to be sore tomorrow! Ashley was awesome on our hike. I thought she would get tired eventually and that I would end up carrying her the rest of the way, but she didn't. She kept going the whole way!

After we got back to the van, Ashley wanted to go to the Children's Museum. She wanted to check on how the chicks were doing, see everybody because she (and Derek & I, too) were missing them after being gone for a week, and to buy a very special unicorn that she saved her allowance for. The unicorn was sitting in the window when we got there, almost looking for Ashley to come back, as promised, to buy it. She is so happy tonight about how she found the unicorn and that she earned it by saving her money. Experiences like this really pull on my heartstrings!

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