Monday, January 12, 2009

More Fun in the Old World

Hi y'all! First post of the not-so-new year -- let's make it a good one!

Oh, look! I've got new news about what a dump Sycamore Creek has turned into!

So, the abandoned house that was two doors down from us (next to the psycho who threatened to kill me over our dogs barking in the direction of his BBQ) is now $65/sf, and a house two blocks away is $55/sf. And you know what? I STILL WOULDN'T MOVE BACK THERE!! It is Hell's Half-plus Acre! It is the demon-child of IE real-estate! GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Seriously: the day the bulldozers and steamshovels head out there to plow the whole damn neighborhood under and turn it back into hills and brush, I will be there applauding and waving. It was a neighborhood built entirely by speculators and flippers, fueled by greedy realtors who assured everyone that real estate ALWAYS GOES UP, and funded by banks that would be gone by now, but we've donated about $1,000,000,000,000 to so, so.... so they can still do something, I guess, because... we'd be in REAL TROUBLE if they went under. Good riddance -- all of you.

(My next post will be much lighter in spirit, and will talk about new methods of deploying poison gas.)

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