Thursday, February 26, 2009

When it's Time to Change, You Know it's Time to Chaaanngee!

Ok, enough of this silliness. This blog has been a lot of things over the few years it has been in existence. First it was about legal problems, then about politics, real estate, more politics, some music, LOTS MORE POLITICS (this was late 2006, peeps -- anyone remembering our endorsement of Jon Tester for the Montana Senate race?? No, of course not.), then some music, some kids stuff, some ranting, more legal problems, real estate, relocations, reinvention, and now... how about some fun? Hmmmmmmmm???

I just saw and heard a few great songs by Game Theory, Blondie, and the EasyBeats tonight, and it occured to me that a lot of us are getting too buried in our own shit, and might need to loosen up a bit.

On that note: did you ever think you'd hear them singing about smoking pot on the Lawrence Welk show?

I think that's good for a warm-up act. Stay tuned... more to come!

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