Saturday, May 16, 2009

Anaheim Children's Festival and a Surprise!

Today, we went to the 17th annual Anaheim Children's Festival at Center Street Promenade. Ashley started with chalk art and made a garden with a rainbow on the street. Then, we visited every booth we could and did fun arts and crafts projects like bubble art, making jewelry, visor decorating, making kites & windsocks, making flying butterflies with paper and pipe cleaners, making a purse, making music & instruments, painting, and more. We also got to watch beautiful ballerinas perform on a stage! We had a really good time!

Later, we walked over to Jack In the Box to grab a cheap snack and the strangest thing happened. While we were getting our drinks, a bride and groom walked in. The bride had on a long bright-white wedding dress with a veil and the groom was in a black tux. Everyone turned and stared as they walked up to the cashier and, I swear, it looked like they were getting married right there! Derek, Ashley, and I looked at each other, then at everyone else, then at the couple and it felt like we were all thinking the same thing...OMG...WTF? I wish I got a picture, but I was so surprised that, not only did I forget to take a picture, but I also forgot about the dog that was running all around the Jack in the Box lobby! Bummer! Cute dog, too! If I did, then I would definitely have put it up on this blog!

So, we'll see what tomorrow brings. We're going to the La Habra Children's Museum for a special (and free!) event and it looks interesting! Who knows what we'll see there. ;)

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