Sunday, May 17, 2009

La Habra Children's Museum

This is a little challenging to write because I'm making paper dolls with Ashley at the same time as I'm gathering my thoughts. So, if it comes out sounding disjointed, that's why.

Today, we visited the La Habra Children's Museum for the first time. They had a special event celebrating cultures from the Pacific Rim. On the front grass, there were stage performers, and lots of tents set up for games, activities and food. Inside, they had a big room set up just for crafts. It was a busy place!

We wandered over to the different rooms in the museum after awhile and discovered an exhibit called the Ring of Fire. It was a whole room set up as a walking journey around the Pacific Rim, each stop included hands-on learning about each country, region, etc., as people dodged around volcanoes and earthquakes.

There are also other parts of the museum which we had fun with, too. Ashley, being the science-lover that she is, spent quite a bit of time at the Science Station. Here, she found mini-exhibits about water conservation and a dig site where she uncovered dinosaur bones and artifacts. She also enjoyed the Carousel Room where kids can ride a Dentzel Carousel, shop in a mini market, and climb into a real bus and pretend to drive it. There was also another exhibit called Kids on Stage. It had a stage with a working microphone, costumes, musical instuments, scripts, special lighting, and a control room that allowed kids to work the magic behind the scenes.

There is so much we missed because of the festival activities, but they have free admission on the first Saturday of each month, so we'll have to plan another trip out there. On the way home, Derek asked Ashley what she thought and she said, "It was great! But Pennypickles is more special and more fun." I agree.

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