Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Night Videos!

Returning to a time when life was simpler.... may we (or I, actually) present the first installment of LRP's Friday Night Videos!

We'll start with perennial favorites Squeeze with an overlooked and underrated (IMHO) song from 1985.

And, as long as we're in 1985, we might as well spend some time there...

Have I mentioned that this next one is my All-Time Favourite Song? Really? Have I mentioned that this version is my favourite version, recorded live for the video, and normally only available on a long deleted UK import EP? Yes? Well, ok then.

(You may need to turn up the volume for this one a little bit.)

And finally, some comic relief:

Well... that's it for this edition of LRP's Friday Night Videos! We will resume your regularly scheduled train wreck shortly...

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