Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Someone's sarcasm detector is broken

And now for something tedious: Blogging about Blogs. Ken Jennings, the Jeopardy! champion who won 72 straight games, has a blog. He writes about a lot of trivia. Literally. Trivia questions, topics, etc. Anyway, last week he posted a mock letter to J! on his blog, with some really silly suggestions and ideas about the game (although he was right about Alex Trebek being a robot). Apparently, a lot of people took it literally, because it was the subject of a nasty New York Post piece today, and the topic ("'Jeopardy' champ Jennings jabs show") is currently a headline on CNN.com.

Here is Ken's original post.

Here is the hit piece from the NY Post.

Here is Ken's response.

Now, I realize that the NY Post isn't exactly a Real Newspaper (kind of like the Weekly World News isn't a newspaper, or the Washington Times), but is Michael Starr so totally devoid of understanding context-driven writing that he thought this was serious?? Incredible.

(This is the first post on our blog, I think, that even tangentially deals with game shows, and considering our hobbies around here, that's kind of ridiculous. We'll have to do some catch-up work.)

(Also, Bob Harris, a former J! Super-Mega-Grand-Champion, or whatever, has a really good blog at http://www.bobharris.com/ . It's all about politics & pudus, mostly, which is a surprisingly good combination.)

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