Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Sport of Kings, or maybe Fuhrers

What an INCREDIBLE EVENT!! I mean, seriously, did you see it?!? Heart-pounding competition, blazing speed, incredible athletic ability... and now, dear readers, a shot of your world champion:

And down the strech she comes!

Yes, of course I am referring to the annual Weinernationals at Los Alamitos Race Course. Heat of heat of 50-yard dashes for dachshunds, with no truly legal way to wager on it. (Not that it would ever stop some of us... but I digress.)

This year, Princess Smoochy Gucci took the weiner, or whatever it is they give away. I would say something snarky about the name of the dog, but considering the names of some of the crap horses that have cost me money this year, I think her name is just fine, thank you.

According to the LARC website, the event drew the largest crowd of the year to the track (a quarterhorse track in Orange County, Ca., for those of you who have never had the pleasure of attending a festive evening, or even better, New Year's Eve, at the dump facility), with 7,105 people coming out.

One more look at the action:


(Hat tip to John G. not only for the article, but for letting me know that we MISSED the damn race!!)

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Jillian Jansen said...

Yay! That's my Gucci Girl winning the big race! We won a Wienershnitzel Dog House and $1000.00! She now goes on to race in San Diego on Dec 28th at the Holiday Bowl... :)