Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Night Videos Special: Ashley's Mommy's Birthday Edition!

Here we go with another exciting episode of LRP's Friday Night Videos! This week we have a special event as today is Ashley's Mommy's Birthday, so we have arranged a special show in honor of this momentous occasion!

First off, let's start the party with the traditional singing of Happy Birthday!

Now, let's bring on some people who know how to party to get everyone in the mood for a good time:

(Lest anyone think I have making fun of the people above, I should disclose that I, Marsupial, actually own an autographed photo of Myron Floren, complete with kilt.)

Next, we have a story: On Ashley Mommy's 30th birthday, I took her to a concert at the (then) Universal Ampitheatre to see a couple of bands, including the Pretenders, one of her favorites. And this is her favorite song by them:

And now, for some comic relief, some cats:

And something equally as stupid, your preznit:

Finally, one more song, in all seriousness:

And that's it for tonight! See you next week for more of LRP's Friday Night Videos.


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