Friday, August 04, 2006

An Unabashed Plug

Normally, I wouldn't be too thrilled with people leaving unsolicited links in the Comments section, but this one I will actually promote to the front page. Here is a comment, from an earlier thread, by reader Scarce:

Ned Lamont is the most visible poltical figure at YouTube. The unoffical group "Nedheads" now has over 1500 members and comprises over 300 short video's.

I have no problem with picking up another Ned Lamont link.

As for the commenter who said something along the lines of this election having ramifications for the Democratic Party, I believe that you are correct -- good ramifications. This is the exact kind of shake-up the party elite needs. Yes Joe, you have been in office for 18 years. No Joe, the office is not your property and you can't barricade yourself in it. Sorry Joe, but you are still, at least in theory, bound to the wishes of your constituents. And, if things turn around, and Lieberman does win the primary on Tuesday, then I wish him luck in the general election. A DINO is still better than R, since he sits on the left side of the aisle.

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