Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Must Resist.... NO! Power...too....strong....!

In tonight's Colbert/Lamont/Lieberman news, we have a new Colbert Report clip, courtesy of Atrios.


JEG said...

And in the last major poll to be released before Tuesday's Primary election, the news just keeps getting worse & worse for Lieberman.
This WILL have reprecussions for the Democratic Party. In my opinion, they will not be good.

Marsupial said...

Hey -- our first Troll! Listen, Troll, whoever you are, go vote your straight-ticket NeoCon Cryptofascist vote & let the Democratic party sort out their own issues.

But seriously, this is the exact reason I was against the "open primary" system here in California. Could you imagine what Connecticut would be like if EVERYONE was allowed to vote in the D primary?? Obviously, Lieberman would win, but I wonder if anyone would even bother getting a Republican ballot? What's-His-Name (the R guy) would win the primary with about 12 votes!