Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday Night at the Children's Museum

This Friday we went to an event at the Children's Imagination Museum in Old Town for an event called "Pennypickles Roman Holiday." Here's the description: "The Professor loved his recent visit to Ancient Rome and so will you! Find out about inventions of the Roman Empire, like aqueducts. Swe how a volcano destroyed Pompeii, and make some cool centurion masks and shields." This description made the event sound like fun, but when we got there, we had more fun and did more activities than what we expected. In one of the rooms, there were stations set up for making various crafts and projects. In the music room, they had a station set up so you could try all the different foods that ancient Romans used to eat, a hopscotch with Roman numerals (the Romans invented hopscotch not as a game, but to train soldiers), a station to teach kids how to tell time and do math using Roman numerals, and much, much more. The people who set all this up at the museum must have spent a lot of time s
etting this up!

After that, we went back to the hotel to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Bejing Olympics. It was amazing! Additionally, Derek found some footage today on the internet where it shows that NBC edited out an hour of the Opening Ceremonies, so we didn't get to see a big chunk of it here in the States. I don't the place he got it exactly, but it's out there.

Next Friday we are going back to the Children's Museum again. They are doing an event called "Hot Starry Nights." Here's the description: "The night sky will be the star during this exploration of constellations - there's a New Moon on this evening to add to the fun." They are also blocking off a couple of parking lots when it gets dark because an astronomer is going to be setting up two telescopes to look at constellations and planets - and he'll stay there as late as we want! Isn't that cool?

These Friday night events only cost $5.00 per person. It's a great deal! We are really fortunate to be living here and to be a part of this. I feel like, finally, we're having some fun in our lives!

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