Monday, August 04, 2008

Having Fun

Friday night we went to the weekly event at the Children's Imagination Workshop in Old Town. They had demonstrations of how bicycles worked, displayed all kinds of bikes from BMX to high-end racing bikes used by Olympians and gave away raffle prizes. Again, we had so much fun! Ashley and I want take advantage of some of the bike trails around here to spend some mommy and me time together when I get my bike fixed. The other kids that were there, too, want to be involved with one of the kids bike clubs that ride around on the trails nearby. Isn't that cool?

After the museum closed, we walked back up Front Street to get Ashley a root beer float. She earned that and a trip to McDonald's Playland for getting six out of seven gold stars in a week for doing her homework.

Then, across the street on the corner of Fourth and Front Streets, there was a jumper for the kids, balloon animals being made, rockabilly music, and a hula hoop contest! Ashley and I nearly dropped the root beer float racing over there. Ashley couldn't wait to show us that she's getting the hang of hula hooping from her kids aerobics classes. I couldn't help it, either. I picked up a couple of hula hoops and pretended that I was a kid for awhile myself. It was so much fun! Derek video taped Ashley and I and said that he would post it on our blog. I said, "No way! OMG!!" I also won a prize for what I was doing. Can you believe that! I haven't picked up a hula hoop since I was 11 years old! Ashley is getting really good at it, too. She can keep it going for about five seconds now and she keeps trying and trying to keep the pace up! Go for it, Ashley! After that, we put our hula hoops down and danced until the DJ had to pack up the music. What fun!

After that, we headed back across the street to do some cheese tasting. They also had a live band over there playing bluegrass music. We hung out for awhile, the three of us waltzing in the best way we could to the slower music and dancing to the rhythm of the faster music, and then left when they packed up their instruments. Then, we went home. What a fun night!

I got a message this weekend from a friend of ours asking about Ashley's birthday. Isn't that sweet? How thoughtful! When I told Ashley that "anonymous" asked me about it, her face just lit up with this big toothless smile. I'll never forget that. For her birthday, either on or around August 19, she wants to go to the Promenade Mall to either make a doll or get a makeover at Libby Lu. Either one sounds like fun, but she hasn't decided yet.

Today is my birthday. We're going to the Monday Night Family Night at the park. They are having a "Groovy '70's" theme with '70's music and we're going to make Tye-die t-shirts. We're also going to bring a picnic dinner and eat outside at the picnic tables.

Right now, it's about 9:00 am. Ashley is still sleeping, so I've got to wake her up to go to the gym. I'll write more soon because, hopefully, because I will have figured out how to post from my mobile phone so can write updates more than once a week.

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