Friday, August 08, 2008

Get it Together, People!!

Since I wrote the post below, I've been poking around teh Interweb and it seems that a lot of people think that the woman in BellaDonna is actually Stevie Nicks. She pops up at other cover bands performances and people start freaking out (OMG! It's her! IT'S HER!!1!11) Apparently, she doesn't discourage this, and it took a disabled veteran's request to talk to her to get her to admit that she isn't the real Stevie Nicks.

People: control yourselves. Stevie Nicks is not hanging around the Inland Empire playing at shopping malls. She is a mega-squillionaire, living on another planet, doing enough blow to fill a dumptruck. You can see her on TV, not at a Wal-Mart opening.

(I can't believe it -- someone is WRONG about something on the Internet! How can this be?!?)

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