Monday, April 03, 2006

2nd Opening Day

It's not really baseball's opening day, I guess, since we had opening night yesterday (hey -- nice rain delay! Nothing like a six-hour game to get people fired up for the season!!). But, all of the other teams play today, and if anyone wants a hot tip, here is mine for today.

Braves over the Dodgers at home.

I will back the Dodgers for the other 161 games (and hopefully, more) of the season, but I have yet to see the Dodgers win a home opener in the last ten or so years, IIRC.

Please, Grady (?!), prove me wrong! I need to see how adding Sandy Alomar Jr. and Kenny Lofton to the team will trigger the start of a new dynasty!

Also, in keeping with the new naming conventions across baseball, the politically-incorrect Braves team will now be referred to as the Los Angeles Indigineous People of Atlanta.

(New link on the side to the Dodger Thoughts blog -- my baseball home for the last couple of years.)

That is all.

UPDATE: I am unfamiliar with this liquid falling from the sky. I certainly hope it doesn't mess up plans for the next few days...

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