Thursday, April 20, 2006

Worst Song Ever???

I have actually had this conversation at work with a few people in the past, but the subject was brought up today in an article on CNN's site.

Simply put, what is the 'worst' popular song ever recorded. Of course this is subjective, and the only rules are that it had to have been popular at some point in the pop/rock era, and not just irritating due to overplay.

I had to respond with my two cents, of course. My selection, for the last couple of years (the last time I really sat down and thought about it) is: The Girl is Mine by Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney. (Just a quick Google search turned up more than a few people who agree with me, like this one.

Here was what I said in my response to CNN:

What do you get when you put together two of the most commercially successful pop artists of all-time into a bubblegummy, not-quite-novelty song? You get The Girl is Mine, aka the WORST SONG EVER!! If memory serves, this hit the charts in 1982. Half-singing, half-talking, completely non-sensical banter with Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney "discussing" to whom "the Girl" belongs. Of course, time, and news events, have moved this song from extremely irritating to downright creepy. Considering their work together, The Girl is Mine makes Say Say Say (another insipid song) look like a masterpiece.

Not that anyone is reading this, but the floor is open for other nominations.

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