Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tom DeLay Quits

As everyone knows, Tom DeLay quit his job today as the Republican House Majority Leader to focus on trying to stay out of prison. He fought to keep his seat as long as he could to keep his seat from going to a Democrat. He, along with Tom Rudy and Michael Scanlon, both former aids to DeLay, were closely tied to Jack Abramoff. Both of DeLay's aids pled guilty to conspiring with Jack Abramoff to influence legislation and Tom DeLay is facing money laudering charges. These people are only one part of the GOP's corruption, from Bush on down. Looking back on American history, it's difficult to compare these times to any other.

There are other stories that are going on, however. Randi Rhodes summarized it best:

"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder plagues an alarming high rate of soldiers of all ages from all wars and deserves the attention of every American. As do the suicides and sexual assaults…important stories that rarely receive coverage.

The GOP corporatists and GOP racists continue to clash over the best use of immigrants…slave labor or xenophobic scapegoats. Count on both winning with YOU losing.

And while big oil continues to gouge you at the pump, there are Katrina survivors still sleeping in their cars."

Shouldn't these stories be getting more press? Right now it looks like the hot news is centered around the corruption in the Bush administration while we need to take action to take care of the people who need the most help in the world.

Call me a bleeding heart liberal, blame me and other liberals for all of the administration's corruption problems, whatever. But can we do something for the people who are suffering?

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