Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Return of Atomic New Wave Radio!

Or, rather, the discovery that our Live365 station, Atomic New Wave Radio (Music by New Wavers for New Wavers), never really went away after all. More details on this as I figure it out, but... it appears the radio station that we program still exists after all. This is good, because, you know, we really have nothing else to do right now and our lives are really boring...

I'll provide a link directly to the station after we get everything fully functional again.

(For those who have no idea what I am talking about, Live365 is a service that allows people to broadcast, over the internet, their own 'radio' programming -- music, talk, whatever. We have had a 1970s/1980s New Wave/Punk station there for a few years, but had supposedly, and regretfully, shuttered it a few months ago. Looks like that's not what actually happened.)

If you want to check Live365 out before we get up to speed again,
here's the link. It's a lot of fun to play with -- just about every kind of music and programming you could imagine is there to listen to -- and it's free, too!

Marsupial -- Out!! (I promise to never use that again.)

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